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I Found Love

‘I found love’.

Such a simple phrase that has echoed through my earbuds multiple times throughout the past few days.

‘And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be
Right in front of me, talk some sense to me’

-I Found by Amber Run

‘Cause I found love in you
Doing it right, doing it right’

-Lifetime by Oh Wonder

‘I found love’.

In these two examples, the writers of the songs used the phrase to explain them finding love romantically in another person. Finding love in an unexpected way or in a way that they planned all along.

Internally, I think, we all long for a love of some kind. Regardless if it’s between significant others, spouses, family members, friends, et cetera. We all want love. We all, in some way, shape or form, want to love and be loved.

It’s in our nature. God formed us and created us to have a hole in our hearts where He needs to fit. He created us to search for love, but it’s love that only He can fill. No amount of romantic words or carefree intimacy or even amount of partners can fill the void where Jesus needs to be.

Yes, we can find love in another person. Yes, we can fall in love and find that love in return for another human being, in the person we pledge our lives to.

But if you don’t find love in Jesus and don’t seek His love and His promises and His presence,

the love that you find in another person won’t be enough for you.

You will search and search for more ways for them to make you feel loved and accepted and appreciated, but in the end, they will always falter. They’re human beings. It’s in their DNA to make mistakes.

But it’s not in God’s.

His love will always be enough. His promises will never fail. His truth will never turn into lies. His mercy is renewed every morning. He will never leave your side. He will never abandon you for someone else. His love is there, to be found by you.

But you have to be willing to receive it.

You have to be willing to open your heart and let everything else of the world decrease while He increases in your life.

Find His love.

And He will provide for more love to come your way.

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